Our experience


We aim to be a component of that quality that makes italian food products worldwide so popular and appreciate.

Our history begins in 1980 trading lubricant oils, sanitizers and industrial maintenance products.

In 1987, the core business moved towards professional cleaning of equipment, plants and working environment (Chemicals&Sanitation) and Water Treatment of primary, waste and technological water. In the same year we invested in a Testing Laboratory which can nowadays perform tests on water, seeds, food, feed, sludge, waste, compost, silage, working environments and emissions in atmosphere.

In 2010 we implemented a new consulting service dealing with food safety, HACCP, voluntary standards (Agrifood Consulting). During the same year we started supporting companies also in terms of evaluation on the risks of the presence of rodents or parasites (PestControl).

Since 2011 we’ve been operating also in renewable sources and biomass-biogas sector (Environmental Consulting).

Finally, since the beginning of 2017 we are a Test Facility authorized by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies to conduct official efficacy trials for plant protection products with registration purpose.