Water Treatment

Water management and its treatment can be an asset for many companies.
We support our customer drawing up the draft, implementing and managing the plants which is diffenrent depending on the result that the customer wants to achieve.

Water can be used for drinking, industrial or irrigation purposes.
Water used for manufacturing processes and industrial cycles, must have certain characteristics in relation to particular uses and therefore the purification techniques vary depending on chemical, physical or bacteriological requirements.

Time and volume softeners, sand filters, charcoal and quartzite, wire-wound, paper, plastic and steel for every possible use, denitrification systems, water treatment plants, chlorination, dechlorination and debacterization with UV lamps, plants for the dosing of antiscaling products, corrosion inhibitors, plant membrane filtration (ultra, micro, nano filtration and reverse osmosis water and primary process).

Consulting and design of systems aimed at the cooling of the technical water within the production cycles.

Chemical-physical systems, sedimentation, flotation, biological systems.

Swimming pool water treatment, chlorine automatic dosing, pH correction and filtering.

Water treatment line