Cosmetic laboratory

In 2021 was inaugurated the cosmetic division for the development and the production of dermocosmetic formulas.

Our products are born to satisfy the needs of men, women and children offering them products for skin care and protection, excellent in quality and realized respecting the environment and people’s dignity.

We offer three types of services:

  • Cosmetics with our trademark, both skin care and professionals;
  • Cosmetics customizables with our customer’s brand, using our formulas already on production;
  • Taylor-made cosmetics, based on our or on our customer’s formula, with 100% customisation.

We follow the customer in every development’ step, from the raw materials ‘choose to packing operations, helping him with regulatory compliance for the placing on the market, always having, has fixed points, quality, safety and effectiveness of the final product.

Our services:

  • Cosmetic laboratory
  • Cleansing ad professional use cosmetics;
  • Development of third party’ skin care products and toiletries, management of in-vivo and in-vitro tests, production ad packing, regulatory consulting.

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