Agrifood Consulting

Specialised services to Agrifood industry::

  • HACCP e voluntary standards
  • Food product labeling
  • Certified training
  • Primary production consulting

HACCP e voluntary standards
The food safety management system is a tool for the companies. From the HACCP principles manual to the more restrictive voluntary standars, agrifood companies have to be prepared for audits made by deputed control organisms and have to be able to respond to hard situations quickly and efficiently.

We prepare companies and we make them aware projecting safety and quality systems according to the main standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality management system: helps the companies in following necessary changement process forced by market;
  • ISO 22000 – Food safety management system: outstands companies that gives iimpartance to food safety in the production processes;
  • Standard BRC-Food Global Standard, FSSC 22000 e IFS International Food Standard: for companies that have to satisfy specific requests of their customers;
  • Standard GLOBALGAP: for farms that have to conform their production to large retail sector standards;
  • Drafting of HACCP plans for exportation towards USA for companies who open up to internetional markets.

Gem Chimica supports food producers with a correct labelling review and with an evaluation of:

  • nutritional values: information that must be indicated, lay-out;
  • ingredient list: correct indication of ingredients;
  • mandatory informaion and allowed ad claim;
  • allergens management, indications that must appear on label, evaluation allergens risk in products.

Gem Chimica organizes training meetings and staff updating for companies.

As part of the training offer:

  • Hygiene principles for food
  • Allergens management
  • Pest management principles
  • Taylor made training classes for companies are available too

Our company supports farms with consulting in animal wellness and environmental issues, and helps the customers with authorisation processes in matter of environment and emission in atmosphere.

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