Advice Environmental

Consulting for biogas plants projects.

We are aware that bureaucracy related to energy production plant from renewable sources can be stressfull, but we can help you.

Indeed, the main feature of our “Memory” service is to help you not to forget any deadline.

Our skilled staff supports the customers through:


  1. Environmental Authorization (AUA) drainage and emission authorization;
  2. Environmental Authorization (AIA) (AIA) for subjects part of IPPC (integrated pollution prevention and control);
  3. Unique Authorization in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 307/03 for enegy production from renewable sources (Biogas-biomass);
  4. Authorization for the management of meteoric waters;
  5. Authorization for use of sewage sludge in agriculture in accordance , with Legislative Decree no. 99/92.

There’s more: do you have organic mass that you’d love to overturn from problem to opportunity? Call us. We carry out feasibility studies both economical and technical of your idea, we assist you in the selection of the supplier and during the plant building.

Environmental consulting line